Discover the Versatility of the 5 in 1 Environmental Meter

Need a comprehensive, reliable measurement instrument that can handle a wide range of environmental meters? Look no further than our 5 in 1 environmental meter! This multi-functional environmental meter device is specifically designed to cater to user noise, photometric, wind speed, temperature, and humidity measuring needs. From noise engineering and environmental meter to quality control and health prevention, this 5 in 1 environmental meter is a must-have for professionals in the construction industry, factories, schools, offices, traffic routes, homes, and even marine environments.

Our environmental meter boasts an array of features that make it stand out from the competition. Firstly, it provides accurate and precise measurements for all five parameters in one compact device. This eliminates the need to carry multiple instruments, saving the user time, effort, and resources. Moreover, this user-friendly tool comes with clear instructions, making it easy to operate even for beginners.

Let’s take a closer look at the components included in this versatile package. The temperature and humidity sensor components ensure accurate assessment of ambient temperature and humidity levels, these measurements are crucial in evaluating the quality of the environment and making informed decisions regarding the conditions of a particular setting.

The wind speed sensor parts accurately analyze the speed and direction of air movement, which is essential in various applications such as weather forecasting, outdoor activities, and environmental assessments. With this component, users can swiftly determine if wind conditions are ideal for activities such as sailing, kite flying, or even wind energy generation.

The photometric sensor parts enable precise measurement of light levels, allowing for effective assessment and control of lighting conditions. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios such as photography, film production, and even evaluating lighting conditions in offices, schools, and homes.

To ensure stability and accuracy during measurements, our 5 in 1 environmental meter comes with a tripod. The adjustable legs and head allow the user to position the instrument securely and at the optimal viewing angle. Additionally, a windshield is provided to ensure measurements are not affected by unwanted external factors such as wind.

For user convenience, we have also included an adjustment rod to fine-tune the angle and position of the instrument for optimal measurements. This 5 in 1 environmental meter ensures that users obtain accurate results every time, enhancing the reliability of user data.

Lastly, an external power supply is available as an optional accessory. This 5 in 1 environmental meter can be particularly useful if users require extended operating times or if power outlets are not readily available during fieldwork.

To ensure optimal performance, please note the environmental conditions for use. This 5 in 1 environmental meter should be operated below an altitude of 2000 meters and in an environment with relative humidity below 90%RH (non-condensing). The operating temperature ranges from -20 to 60℃, while the storage temperature should be between -40 to 60℃.

Invest in our 5 in 1 environmental meter today and experience the convenience, accuracy, and versatility it offers. Streamline user environmental measurements, improve data reliability, and enhance decision-making efficiency. Trust in our product to provide users with the reliable measurements user need.