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FLUS recommends a hot-selling product ET-931 thermometer humidity gauge

A thermometer humidity gauge is used to measure the temperature and humidity conditions of the environment. Do you need such a thermometer? Suitable temperature and humidity environment is a basic quality of life factor that we once ignored. FLUS recommends a best-selling thermometer humidity gauge with a unique appearance and multi-functional experience, and it has diversified elements and a portable design concept.

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The thermometer humidity gauge is designed with a high-accuracy temperature & humidity sensor, providing high accuracy, fast response, and stable readings. Widely used in environmental temperature and humidity monitoring and data collection.

The thermometer humidity gauge has CE certification and is as safe and durable as ever. No matter where it is placed, ET-931 can provide you with accurate temperature reminders at any time to improve your quality of life.

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Temperature units: ℃/℉
MAX record
MIN record
Data hold
Dew Point Temperature measurement
Backlight display
Resolution: 0.1%RH, 0.1℃
Calibration function
Low battery indication
Enable/Disable the auto power-off function

Technical indicators

Humidity range 0~100%RH
Humidity accuracy 0~20%RH,80%~100%RH ±4.0%
20% ~40%RH,60% ~ 80%RH ±3.0%
40% ~ 60%RH ±2.5%
Temp. range -20℃~70℃(-4℉~158℉)
Temp. accuracy -20℃~70℃(-4℉~158℉) ±1.0℃/


Dew Point temp. range -20℃~70℃(-4℉~158℉)
Dew Point temp. accuracy 25℃;40%~100%RH ±1.0℃/


Display 3 1/2 digits
Data update 1 times/sec
Auto power off Meter automatically shuts down after approx. 15 minutes of inactivity. The auto power-off function can be disabled
Power supply One 9V battery, 006P or IEC 6F22 or NEDA 1604.
Battery life at least 30 hours
Operating conditions -20℃~70℃,10%RH~90%RH
Storage conditions -20℃~70℃,10%RH~75%RH
Dimension(L*W*H) 151g
Weight: 158*62*32mm

Application scenarios

The thermometer humidity gauge is widely used for the measurement of temperature and humidity of the room, metro, library, commercial center, communication center room, etc.

After you finish reading this article, if you are interested in FLUS’s thermometer humidity gauge, or want to know more, please contact FLUS’s customer service team. I believe that Shenzhen Flus Technology Co., Ltd.’s thermometer humidity gauge has accurate measurement and monitoring capabilities, stable and reliable performance, advanced technology, and innovative functions, as well as reliable after-sales service and support that will satisfy you.