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How to Measure Noise Db Meter

Noise pollution is a growing concern in our modern world, with the constant hum of traffic, construction, and industrial machinery contributing to a cacophony that can have detrimental effects on our health and well-being. Whether as a safety professional, sound engineer, or purchasers of this type of instrumentation, understanding how to measure noise levels is crucial in addressing and mitigating the impact of excessive noise.

noise db meter (1)One of the most effective tools for measuring noise levels is a decibel meter, also known as a noise db meter. in this article, we’ll explore the basics of using a noise db meter to measure noise levels, and provide practical tips for obtaining accurate and reliable measurements.

Understanding Noise Db Meter

Before delving into the practical aspects of using a noise db meter, it’s important to have a basic understanding of decibels and sound levels. beacuse the human ear is capable of perceiving a wide range of sound intensities, from the faintest whisper to the roar of a jet engine, decibels provide a standardized way of expressing these varying levels of sound intensity on a logarithmic scale.

The threshold of hearing is generally considered to be 0 db, while prolonged exposure to sound levels above 85 db can cause hearing damage. understanding the relationship between decibels and sound levels is essential for assessing the potential impact of noise on human health and the environment.

Choosing The Right Noise Db Meter

Noise db meter come in various types and models, each designed for specific applications. when selecting a noise db meter, it’s important to consider factors such as the intended use, measurement range, accuracy, and additional features. for general-purpose noise measurements, a basic handheld noise db meter with a-weighting and fast response time is often sufficient. however, for more specialized applications, such as environmental noise monitoring or industrial noise control, a more advanced noise db meter with octave band analysis and data logging capabilities may be required. So we recommend using ET-968 noise db meter, this instrument adopts the capacitive microphone as the sensor and is equipped with high-configuration MCU calculation.

Meter Description

Button ⑴ Display screen

⑵ Recording hole

⑶ Function keys

⑷ Horn

⑸ Infrared receiving hole

⑹ Function keys

⑺ Noise detection sensor

⑻ Noise correction fine adjustment hole

⑼Audio output hole

⑽ Adapter jack

⑾ Hanging hole

⑿ Battery compartment

Function Operation

(1) On/off function; Press the “Button ” button to start the noise db meter, and press the “Button ” button for 3 seconds to shut down the machine

(2) Alarm function

a. Yellow light alarm, in the measurement mode, when the measurement value is greater than the reported value, the yellow light flashes continuously.

b. Red light alarm. in measurement mode, when the measurement value is greater than the alarm value set by the red light, the red light is continuously flashing and the voice is reported (please be quiet).

(3) Screen lock function; in the measurement state, press the “Button - hold” key, the “HOLD” symbol appears at the top of the screen to indicate that the instrument locks the current screen display, and again, the “Button - hold” key to cancel the function.

(4) Recording function; in measurement mode, press the “Button - rec” button, and hear the “drop”, indicating that the recording begins, release “Button - rec” the key, and hear the two sounds of “drop” and “drop”, indicating the end of the recording. The noise db meter will automatically broadcast a recording content.

(5) Volume adjustment function; in measurement mode, press “” to increase the volume and “Button - down” to reduce the volume.

(6) Alarm value adjustment function; in the measurement mode, press the “Button - set” button, the noise db meter can enter the “Yellow Light Alarm Value Adjustment”, “Red Light Alarm Value Adjustment”, Perform the “Green Light Self Test”, “Yellow Light Self Test”, and switch to “Red Light” mode, then press the”Button - set” button again to go back to the measurement mode. In the alarm value adjustment mode, press “” key to adjust the large value and press “Button - down” key to adjust the small value.


noise db meter (3)By understanding the basics of decibels and sound levels, choosing the right noise db meter, and conducting accurate measurements, individuals and organizations can effectively address the challenges posed by noise pollution. whether it’s monitoring occupational noise exposure, assessing environmental noise impacts, or optimizing sound levels in a recording studio, the use of noise DB meter plays a crucial role in promoting a quieter and healthier world. Welcome all purchasers and wholesalers to contact us. We need a large number of agents for cooperation.