ET-932 Cost-effective Light Meter

This Light Meter is designed to meet the measurement requirements of safety Engineers, Health, Industrial safety offices and light quality control in various environments like factory, school, construction, etc.

*Measuring range: 0Lux~400kLux/0Fc~40kFc (Measurement repeatability)
*Analog bar-graph indication
*High accuracy
*Data hold
*Meter corrected for spectral relative efficiency
*Automatically revise parameters for un-standard illumination
*Short rise and fall times
*Selectable measuring units: Lux or Fc
*Disable auto power off
*Meter automatically shuts down after approx. 15 minutes of Inactivity
*MAX/MIN record
*Large LCD display
*4-level selectable measurement ranges
*Automatic measurement
*Low battery indication



Product name Light Meter
Measuring range

0 Lux~400k Lux;0Fc~ 40k Fc

Sampling rate 2 times per second
Display 4 digits LCD display
Photo detector Silicon photo-diode with spectral response filter
Warranty 1 year
Customized support OEM, ODM, and software reengineering
Battery life at least 30 hours
Photo detector Lead Length approx. 2.5m
Storage conditions -20℃~60℃; 10%RH~75%RH
Weight 258g
Size 158*62*32mm
Brand FLUS

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