ET-933 Cheap Sound Level Meter

This Sound Level Meter is designed to meet the measurement requirements of safety Engineers, Health, Industrial safety offices and sound quality control in various environments like factory, school, construction, etc.

◆ Comply with IEC61672-1 CLASS2 Standard

◆ Max/Min/Data Hold

◆ Over range indication

◆ Under range indication

◆ A & C Weighting

◆ FAST & SLOW response

◆ Enable/Disable auto power off function



Product name Sound Level Meter
Frequency range


Dynamic range 50dB
Accuracy ±1.4dB
Time weighting FAST 125ms;SLOW ( 1s )
Warranty 1 year
Customized support OEM, ODM, and software reengineering
Battery life at least 30 hours
Microphone 1/2 inch electret condenser microphone
Data update 2 times/sec
Weight 178g
Size 158*62*32mm
Brand FLUS

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