ET-955 Professional Anemometer

This anemometer measures air velocity, air flow and temperature. It is designed for quality control, illness prevention & cure in various environments like constructional-engineering, factory, school, supermarket and household, etc.



  1. Air velocity, air flow and air temperature measuring
  2. Wide range measurement
  3. Reading freezing
  4. ℃/℉ temperature selectable
  5. Measures air velocity in m/sec.ft/ or MPH
  6. Measures volume in CMM/CFM
  7. 55mm hi-contrast LCD display with backlight and function indicators
  8. Dual display for velocity and temperature
  9. 12 segment bargraph for velocity
  10. Average multiple readings for velocity or flow volume for the last 30 readings
  11. Auto power off
  12. Low battery indication

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