ET-961 Digital Anemometer Testers Meters Handheld LCD Electronic Wind Speed Meter Air Volume Measuring Meter With Backlight

This hot wire thermo-anemometer is ideal for low air velocity and volume measurement. The slim plug in telescopic hot wire probe extends from 0.26 to 1.2m (inc handle) has a probe sensor head 8.5mmØ and is ideal for grille hoods and diffusers. It is excellent for ventilation surveys, air conditioning, clean rooms, flow hoods, air balancing and environmental monitoring.



Product name High accuracy Anemometer
Display 55mm dual LCD display
Model number ET-961
Sampling time Approx 0.8sec
Auto power off Approx. 20 min
Warranty 1 year
Customized support OEM, ODM, and software reengineering
Operating 0°C~50℃/32℉~122℉
Operating Humidity <80%RH
Power supply 7.2V Rechargeable Lithium battery (non-detachable)
Size 185×66×33mm
Weight 310g
Measures air temperature in ℃ or℉

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