MT-913 Mini Humidity & Temperature Meter

The Humidity & Temperature Meter is designed with a high accuracy humidity & temperature sensor, providing high accuracy, fast response and stable readings. It is widely used for monitoring and collecting data of environment temperature and humidity. This meter is widely used for measurement of temperature and humidity of room, metro, library, commercial center, communication center room, etc.

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Humidity Range:0~ 100%RH
Range Accuracy Resolution
45~75RH% ±3.0 RH% 0.1
Others ±4.5 RH%
Temperature Range Accuracy Resolution
-20℃~70℃/-4℉~158℉ ±1.0℃/±1.8℉ 0.1
Dew point temp. -20℃~70℃ /-4℉~158℉ ±1.5℃/±2.7℉ 0.1
Remark: Accuracy is based on environment condition of 25℃; 40 RH%~100 RH%
Wet bulb temp. 20℃~70℃/ -4℉~158℉ ±1.5℃/±2.7℉ 0.1
Data update 0.5S
auto power off
The meter shuts off automatically after 15 minutes inactivity under auto power off mode, disable auto power off is available
Operating conditions -20℃~60℃/-4℉~140℉,10 RH%~90 RH%
Storage conditions -20℃~60℃/-4℉~140℉,10 RH%~75 RH%
Power supply 3*1.5V “AAA” batteries
Battery life at least 50 hours
Dimensions 168*56*30.5mm
Weight 75g

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