IR-893 Thermal imager camera


Model IR-891 IR-893
Infrared Image Resolution 33X 33 (1089 pixels)
Display Resolution 240*320 pixels
Visual Image Resolution 300000pixels
Field Angle 32* 32 degrees
Temp. Range -20~380℃ /-4~716℉
Accuracy > 0 ℃, ±2% or reading ±2℃ /3.6℉

< 0℃, ±3℃ /5.4℉

Note: Accuracy is measured in an environment of 18-28 degrees.

Ambient Temp. Range N/A -20~70℃ /-4~158℉:±1.0℃/1.8℉
Ambient Humidity Range N/A 0~ 100%RH;35~70% RH;±3.0% RH;

Others; ±4.0% RH

Dew Point Temp. Range N/A -30~100℃/-22~212℉;±1.0℃/1.8℉(25℃/77℉, 35~70%RH)
Wet Bulb Temp. Range N/A -30~100℃/-22~212℉;±1.0℃/1.8℉(25℃/77℉, 35~70%RH)
Best Focus Distance 0.5m
Thermal Sensitivity 0.15℃/0.27℉
Emissivity Adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0
Image Frequency 9HZ
Spectral Range 8-14um
Focus Mode Fixed
Palette Ink color, black and white, rainbow color, ocean blue, iron red
View Options 25 % step length, full infrared vision to full visible light visual and infrared mixing. Edge detection line.
File Format BMP
Storage 8GB Micro SD Card
Memory View Scroll all saved images and view them on the screen
USB function Connect USB cable with PC, meter works as U Disk, stored data in SD card can be download to computer directly, connected USB cable with other power supply and meter, USB can power supply to the meter directly and meter works as usual during this time
Auto Power Off 3minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes are optional
Working Temperature -5~40℃/23~104℉; 10%RH to 80%RH
Storage Temp.Range -20~55℃/-4~131℉; 10%RH to 80%RH
Over-range Indication OVER
Power Supply 4* LR6 AA battery and USB power supply
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Product name novelty thermal imaging camera
Storage 8GB Micro SD Card
Signal Input Signal Input / dual Inputs
Minimum Focal Length 0.5m
Thermal Sensitivity 0.15℃/0.27℉
Warranty 1 year
Customized support OEM, ODM, and software reengineering
Wavelength Range 8-14um
Focus Mode Fixed
Emissivity Adjustable 0.1-1.0
Field Angle 32* 32 degrees
Features TFT full view color screen display
Battery life 8 hours

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