cheap mini light meter

cheap mini light meter


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2:Auto ranging measurement

3:measures both lux and foot-candles(FC)

4:High accuracy and rapid response sampling time

5:temperature measurement in C/F

6:Color LCD display with backlight

7:Over range indication,low battery indication


9:Enable/disable auto power off

model MT-912
measuring range 0~200K Lux/0~20K fc
accuracy +/-3%rdg+/-8d(<10,000lux),+/-4%rdg+/-10d(>10,000lux)
temperature range -20~70C
temperature accuracy +/-1.5C
sampling rate 2Times/second
lux resolution 0.1(<1000);1(>1000)
temperature resolution 0.1
operating conditions -20~60C,10%rh~75%RH
storage conditions -20~60C,10%rh~75%RH
power supply 3*1.5V AAA batteries
battery life over 60 hours

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