IR-817 Dew point Infrared Thermometer with Audible/Visuable Alarm

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1 Multifunction thermometer for k-type temperature surface temperature, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, dew point temperature and wet bulb temperature.

2.UV light for leak detection.
3.LED light to enable working in dark environment.
4.Temperature difference alarm with audible and visual alarm.
5.13-point laser circle targeting to ensure the measuring accuracy.
6.Big color LCD display with backlight.
7 ℃/℉ selection.

8 MAX/MIN/Data Hold.

9 Low power indication, Auto power off.

Model IR-817 IR-818 IR-819


IR -50~550






IK -50~850/-58~1562

Optical Resolution



Accuracy ±3/5.4(less than0/32)

±1.5% or reading ±2.0/3.6(more than0/32) which is greater

TK:±1.5% or reading±1.5/2.7which is greater
Emissivity 0.1~1.0 adjustable
Temp. Resolution IR:0.1
TK: 0.1(less than1000),1.0(more than1000)
Ambient Temp. range -20~60/-4~140
Accuracy 0.1/0.1
Environmental Humidity Range 0~100%RH
Accuracy 35~75%RH;±3.0%RH, other ±5.0%RH
Resolution 1%RH
Dew point Temp. -20~60/-4~140; ±1.5/2.7(25/77,40~80%RH)
Wet bulb Temp. -20~60/-4~140; ±1.5/2.7(25/77,40~80%RH)

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