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Real-Time, Remote Noise Monitoring With New ET-968 Sound Measuring Instruments

In today’s fast-paced world, noise pollution has become a significant concern affecting our well-being and productivity. Whether it is the bustling city streets, construction sites, or the constant hum of machinery, excessive noise can have adverse effects on our health and the overall quality of our address this issue, we are excited to introduce our revolutionary new sound measuring instrument——ET-968.

sound measuring instrumentsThese state-of-the-art sound measuring instruments are designed to provide accurate and reliable noise level measurements, empowering individuals and organizations to take proactive steps in mitigating noise pollution.

Learn more about the ET-968 personal sound measuring instruments, let’s explore some of these innovative features.

Super-sized High-Definition LCD Display: Experience the epitome of clarity with our sound measuring instruments‘ expansive high-definition LCD display. Immerse yourself in vivid colors and flawlessly rendered graphics, effortlessly navigating through the user-friendly interface to access real-time noise level data and other critical information.

Wide Frequency Range and High Accuracy: Unleash the potential of our instruments, boasting an expansive frequency range for accurate sound measurements across diverse environments. With unparalleled precision, capture even the subtlest sound variations, ensuring dependable data for meticulous analysis and informed decision-making.

Dynamic Lighting and Voice Alert Function: Never miss a beat with our instruments’ lighting and voice alert function. Visual indicators and intuitive graphical representations, coupled with clear voice alerts, provide real-time feedback on noise levels. Stay informed and take prompt action when noise levels surpass the pre-set thresholds.

Customizable Alarm Thresholds: Tailor your instruments precisely to your requirements by setting personalized alarm thresholds. Define your limits to trigger alarms and notifications, ensuring proactive monitoring and compliance with noise level guidelines. Rest assured that our instruments will promptly notify you whenever noise levels breach the predetermined values.

Multi-Language Support: Our instruments offer six pre-set warning languages, facilitating effective communication across borders. Choose from a multitude of languages to ensure seamless interaction and compliance with international standards, catering to users worldwide.

Customized Recording Broadcast Duration: Make your message resonate loud and clear with our instruments’ personalized 15-second recording playback feature. Customize messages to efficiently convey vital information regarding noise levels or safety instructions.

Screen Lock Feature: Enjoy uninterrupted and accurate noise monitoring with our instruments’ screen lock feature. Prevent accidental changes to settings or measurements, guaranteeing precise and glitch-free monitoring.

Remote Control for Long-Distance Operation: Experience the convenience of remote control operation with our instruments. Effortlessly manage noise levels from a distance, streamlining your monitoring activities and maximizing productivity.

Advanced Audio Output Functionality: Unlock a new realm of possibilities with our instruments’ advanced audio output functionality. Connect external devices or audio systems to amplify or record sound measurements, promoting seamless analysis and easy sharing of critical noise level readings among colleagues or experts.

sound measuring instruments


With our newly launched noise decibel monitor, we are committed to providing a practical and convenient solution for monitoring noise pollution. Its precision, real-time data visualization, extensive data logging capabilities, and alert system make it an indispensable tool across industries and settings, so buying this news sound measuring instrument can benefit your business in many ways.

If you are looking forward to buying a machine, you can look up our online store. Shenzhen Flus Technology Co., Ltd.